MountainSphere for Irradiance, Reflection and Haze

by Kathrin Beckstein

The new MountainSphere from Mountain Instruments offers a wide range of possibilities in optical metrology, such as the measurement of spectral reflection, transmission or even the haze value. The MountainSphere-50/100 is available with a diameter of either 50 mm or 100 mm. The size of the measurement port is also adaptable and is changed by screw-on adapters.

Thanks to the cylindrical design, the sphere can be placed very easily on the sample surface or alternatively can be mounted on the optional stand. This allows to measure samples of different dimensions and thickness in reflection as well as in transmission under different angles of incidence with the same sphere. Both the light input for illuminating the sample and the output from the sphere are fiber-coupled.
Another option are the practical exit ports on the bottom of the sphere, which can be opened by a lever. This allows the directional and diffuse components of the transmission through the sample or the reflection at the sample to be determined separately, which also makes it very easy to measure haze values with the MountainSphere.

If you are interested in a test measurement with the MountainSphere, please get in touch!

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