CompactLine miniature spectrometers

The spectrometers of the AvaSpec-Mini series are equipped with either 2048 or 4096 pixel CMOS detectors .
They are only the size of a deck of cards and weigh 175 grams. However, depending on the configuration, a resolution down to 0.1 nm can be achieved.
Despite the small dimensions, the AvaSpec-Minis have a high dynamic range of 3000:1, a significant reduction of the stray light level (< 0.17%) and excellent temperature stability.
Thanks to automated production, excellent 1:1 reproducibility is guaranteed.

These features qualify the AvaSpec-Minis for OEM customers to integrate and reliably operate in their equipment. Please contact us to define your individual configuration.

For single buyers there is a choice of preconfigured AvaSpec-Minis. All pre-configured models have a built-in detector collection lens to increase sensitivity and are equipped with an SMA connector output.

NEW: AvaSpec-Mini-NIR in the same format with InGaAs detector for the NIR range up to 1750 nm.

Preconfigured miniature spectrometerDetectorWavelength rangeBlaze @Resolution in nm (FWHM)Interface
AvaSpec-Mini2048CL-U252048 Pixel CMOS200 – 450 nm250 nm0.22 nm USB2
Avaspec-Mini2048CL-V252048 Pixel CMOS350 - 885 nm500 nm0.7 nm USB2
AvaSpec-Mini2048CL-I252048 Pixel CMOS600 – 1100 nm1000 nm0.7 nmUSB2
AvaSpec-Mini2048CL-UVI2048 Pixel CMOS200 – 1100 nm300 nm1.3 nmUSB2
AvaSpec-Mini2048CL-VI2048 Pixel CMOS360 – 1100 nm500 nm1.3 nmUSB2
AvaSpec-Mini4095CL-U104096 Pixel CMOS200 – 365 nm250 nm0.1 – 0.18 nmUSB2
AvaSpec-Mini4096CL-V104096 Pixel CMOS350 – 885 nm500 nm0.4 – 0.53 nmUSB2
AvaSpec-Mini4096CL-I104096 Pixel CMOS600 – 1100 nm1000 nm0.4 – 0.53 nmUSB2
AvaSpec-Mini4096CL-UVI104096 Pixel CMOS200 – 1100 nm300 nm1.0 nmUSB2
AvaSpec-Mini4096CL-VI104096 Pixel CMOS360 – 1100 nm500 nm1.0 nmUSB2


All AvaSpec-Mini spectrometers are equipped with AvaSoft Full software as standard. In addition, there are numerous software add-ons for measuring color, irradiance, chemometrics, thinfilm, process control, etc.. DLL libraries with programming examples are also available.