SensLine spectrometers for low signals

Weak signals require particularly low-noise, high-sensitive spectrometers.

The spectrometers of the AvaSpec-SensLine  family are optimized for low signals by an individual combination of different measures.  These include the use of particularly sensitive detectors, up to 3-stage detector cooling and a sophisticated design of the optical benches.

The instruments of the SensLine family allow individual configuration perfectly matching the requirements of your application by selecting the most suitable detector, the appropriate grating and the width of the entrance slit.

By equipping your spectrometer with a replaceable entrance slit (Option –RS ) you will increase the flexibility of the device.


All SensLine spectrometers come along with AvaSoft Basic needed for all basic measurements and controlling your spectrometer, including basic data acquisition. In addition, there are numerous software add-ons for measuring color, irradiance, chemometrics, thinfilm, process control, etc. DLL libraries with programming examples are also available.

Optical bench
Integration time
Special features
AvaSpec-HSC1024x58TEC-EVO („HERO“) 1024x58 pixel backthinned CCD, cooled
200 – 1160 nm
1200:1f=100 mm
5.2 ms – 60 sUSB3, ETHStandardHigh resolution even at low signals
AvaSpec-HS2048XL-EVO2048 pixel backthinned CCD, pixel height 500 um 200 – 1160 nm450:1f=37.5 mm
2 us – 600 sUSB3, ETH-High sensitivity in UV and NIR
AvaSpec-ULS2048LTEC2048L pixel CCD, pixel height 200 um, cooled200 – 1100 nm300:1f=75 mm
1.1 ms – 10 minUSB2-Very low dark current
AvaSpec-ULS2048x64TEC-EVO2048x64 pixel backthinned CCD, cooled200 – 1160 nm550:1f=75 mm
9.7 ms – 120 sUSB3, EthernetStandardHigh sensitivity in UV and NIR
AvaSpec-ULS2068x64-EVO 2048x64 pixel backthinned CCD, pixel height 890 mm, uncooled200 – 1160 nm450:1f=75 mm
2.4 ms – 25 sUSB3, ETH-High sensitivity in UV, low cost
AvaSpec-ULS2048XL-EVO2048 pixel CCD, pixel height 500 um200 – 1160 nm525:1f=75 mm
2 us – 20 sUSB3, ETHOptionHigh quantum efficiency, fast, inexpensive

Please give us a call. We will be happy to assist you with configuring the perfect spectrometer for your application.