NEXOS miniature spectrometers

The spectrometers in the Nexos series are no bigger than a deck of cards and have a light weight of 277.5 g. Nevertheless, depending on the configuration, a resolution of up to 0.06 nm can be achieved. Despite their small dimensions, Nexos spectrometers have a high dynamic range of 4500:1, a significant reduction in the stray light level (from 0.1%) and excellent temperature stability. Thanks to automated production, outstanding 1:1 reproducibility is guaranteed.

These features qualify the Nexos spectrometer for OEM customers, for integration and reliable operation in their devices. Please contact us to determine your individual configuration.



The Nexos spectrometers are equipped with AvaSoft Basic software as standard. In addition, there are numerous software extensions for measuring color, irradiance, chemometrics, coating thickness, process control, etc. DLL libraries with programming examples are also available.

Optical benchSymmetrical Czerny-Turner design, 75 mm focal length; NEXOS™ spectrometer bench
Wavelength range190 - 1100 nm
Stray light0.1 - 1% (typical value 300I/mm, blaze 300 nm < 0.3%)
DetectorHAM S11639, CMOS linear array, 2048 pixels (14x200 µm)HAM S13496, CMOS linear array, 4096 pixels (7x200 µm)
Signal / Noise375:1365:1
Dynamic range4500
Dark noise15 cnts
AD converter16-bit, 6 MHz
Integration time9 µs - 30 s
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (480Mbps) / pigtailed (38 cm) USB-A
Sample speed on-board averaging0.36 ms/scan0.70 ms/scan
Data transfer speed0.79 ms/scan1.12 ms/scan
Digital I/O5 bidirectional programmable I/O; 1 Analog out, 1 Analog in, 1x5 V
Dimensions, weight105 x 80 x 20 mm; 277,5 grams
Power supplyDefault USB power, 500 mA
Temperature range5 - 55 °C