The NIREOS team has published a 5-minute video tutorial for the HERA hyperspectral camera. It explains the key information about the camera and its technology in a simple and concise way (more…)

The radiance of a laser and the spectrum of a broadband light source:
With the SuperK Line supercontinuum lasers from NKT Photonics, we are enhancing our portfolio with affordable, efficient white-light lasers for applications in the VIS and NIR range. (more…)

Our longtime partner Ametek is closing further development and production of Singal Recovery’s lock-in amplifiers. As a result, we can no longer accept new orders for the expiring 7270 DSP and 7230 DSP models.

At the same time, we are glad to close this gap and introduce SynkTek’s MCL1-540 multichannel lock-in system. (more…)

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The increasing demand for efficiency, quality and safety in agricultural production is more and more answered by the use of non-invasive technologies along the processing chain. The eBook “Spectroscopy Applications in Precision Agriculture” by Avantes includes technical references and experimental data on spectroscopy applications for agriculture and food production. (more…)

With the Spectra Tune Lab we expand our range of light sources. The tunable LED features 10 individually controllable channels and is specially designed for scientific applications. (more…)