As an official partner of Avantes, we are happy to announce the exclusive online launch webinar of the next-generation spectrometer, the Pacto. During this event on February 23rd, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the Pacto, see a live #demonstration, and get insights from Avantes’ in-house experts. Discover how the Pacto will empower […]

Are you looking for a new broadband photodetector for your laboratory?
Take the opportunity to test the NIREOS SPIDER free of charge for up to two weeks in your laboratory.

The modular handheld spectrometers of the IndiGo series provide precise spectral measurements of scientific quality and are particularly suitable for in-field use due to their compactness, their weight of only approx. 100 g and 10 hours of battery operation.

The Spanish painter Francisco de Goya spent the last years of his life in Bordeaux, France. He was not only very productive there, but also left a great impression on the local population, which continues to this day. Thus, due to his extraordinary use of colors, the exceptional artist also served as inspiration in finding the name of our new partner GoyaLab. (more…)

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We have recently started offering the miniature spectrometers from the Californian company Braodcom. The compact, modular devices for UV-VIS-NIR measurements between 190 nm and 1700 nm, are particularly well suited for industrial applications thanks to their consistent performance. The compact dimensions also make the Broadcom spectrometers interesting for integration into OEM applications: