As part of the SHIELD research network, we support one of our heartfelt concerns: With our optical measurement technology we contribute to make domestic (organic) food cultivation safer and more efficient and to strengthen regional agriculture in international competition. (more…)

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The NIREOS team has published a 5-minute video tutorial for the HERA hyperspectral camera. It explains the key information about the camera and its technology in a simple and concise way (more…)

The radiance of a laser and the spectrum of a broadband light source:
With the SuperK Line supercontinuum lasers from NKT Photonics, we are enhancing our portfolio with affordable, efficient white-light lasers for applications in the VIS and NIR range. (more…)

Our longtime partner Ametek is closing further development and production of Singal Recovery’s lock-in amplifiers. As a result, we can no longer accept new orders for the expiring 7270 DSP and 7230 DSP models.

At the same time, we are glad to close this gap and introduce SynkTek’s MCL1-540 multichannel lock-in system. (more…)

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The increasing demand for efficiency, quality and safety in agricultural production is more and more answered by the use of non-invasive technologies along the processing chain. The eBook “Spectroscopy Applications in Precision Agriculture” by Avantes includes technical references and experimental data on spectroscopy applications for agriculture and food production. (more…)