The S300|HR is a high-resolution Fizeau interferometer with a diameter of 300 mm for the measurement of flat surfaces. This version of the device features 4-megapixel imaging and 4 optional sources. (more…)

Attonics Systems from Singapore offers with its compact spectrometer ATTO3 a complete solution for daily use in the lab or in-field. (more…)

The research group around Wiktor Szymanski at the University Hospital Groningen is intensively engaged in the field of photopharmacology, or more precisely: in the research of safe and efficient treatment methods with active substances. (more…)

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It is not an easy task to clean sensitive optics gently and without residue. For years, the excellent cleaning and protective properties of the cleaning polymer First Contact® have been well known among experts. (more…)

Our dark laboratory at our headquarters in Landsberg is specially equipped for radio- and photometric measurements. In addition to our own instruments, we also have access to the measurement technology of our manufacturers, such as Avantes, Si-Ware Systems, Gamma Scientific or Arroyo Instruments. (more…)