Avantes (NL) is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic spectrometers in the UV/VIS and NIR range with 25 years of experience in fulfilling customer requirements in industry and research. With a wide product range of excellent spectrometers, extensive spectrometry accessories and customer-oriented service, Avantes’ goal is not only to meet, but to exceed customers’ expectations. Avantes instruments and accessories are used worldwide in many OEM applications in a wide variety of industries and in nearly all research institutes.

The fiber-coupled spectrometers are optimized for a wide range of applications through a clever selection and combination of detector, detector coating, diffractive grating, entrance slit width and optical filter. The design of the optical bench follows the symmetrical Czerny-Turner arrangement and is characterized, among other things, by very good stray light reduction.

The different spectrometer families:

Comprehensive software packages are available for each spectrometer:

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