Modular handheld spectrometers from GoyaLab

by Kathrin Beckstein

The modular handheld spectrometers of the IndiGo series provide precise spectral measurements of scientific quality and are particularly suitable for in-field use due to their compactness, their weight of only approx. 100 g and 10 hours of battery operation.

The corresponding SpectroLab software can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and to a PC via USB connection. 
The IndiGo spectrometer is available as a modular UV/Vis spectrometer (IndiGo UV/Vis), a near-infrared spectrometer (IndiGo NIR), or a fluorescence spectrometer with laser or LED excitation (IndiGo fluo). The first two are also available as OEM components.

Indigo UV/VIS

Indigo Fluo

Indigo NIR